Solitaire by Finger Arts

The Solitaire by Finger Arts app offers a great playability, if you are looking for a thrilling card puzzle game on your Apple device. This app is perfect for those solitary moments, getting your brain storming with various levels of intense card games. The app offers excellent graphics capabilities, getting you the best in class experience.


The app allows you to play the challenging card games, in an all new way. The interface of the app instantly made us fall for it. The developers Finger Arts makes sure that you get to enjoy the games to the fullest with their apps.

You can opt to play in landscape mode or portrait mode, as you like. We are sure you’ll be liking the graphics in both of the modes. They also have added some nifty features in their app, such as enhanced graphics to ensure that you enjoy a thrilling session.

While playing you can also alter and change the background of the app, as and when you like it. There are various backgrounds, starting from wood to classic table backgrounds.

Solitaire FA 2


The Solitaire app allows you to play thrilling card games with varying levels of intensity. You can do an unlimited number of undo and redo, while also checking out the hints if you happen to get stuck.

The app follows Klondike solitaire game rules, so if you are already acquainted with the game format there are some pretty exciting gameplay waiting for you.


When it comes to the social aspects of the app, it is not as particularly developed as it is primarily a single player game. With this app you can enjoy posting your scores on a social media. You can also keep a tab on the leader boards, while checking out on the statistics of previous games. Start playing on the Solitaire app today!

Solitaire FA 3
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