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One of the Best Casino Social Slots app is the Slots Social Casino by Playport games. This app is one of the most thrilling ones we have ever come across, allowing us to take the casino into our palms. You can enjoy a fantastic range of casino gambling games, in full high definition, at your own convenience.

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The app features a range of 30 gambling games, which you can play at your leisure. The gambling games of the site come in full HD, allowing you to enjoy that glorious iPhone screen fully.

With this app, you can play the first ever 3D casino Slots. The 3D Slots games add vividness to your gambles, bringing them to life. Enjoy the various themed gambles, along with some of the best online mini games.


Being the Best Casino Social Slots, you are entitled to the crème of casino bonuses. Some of the best bonuses we really enjoyed with the app are:

  • 2 Hour play bonuses.
  • Follower bonuses.
  • Daily bonuses.

Their follower bonuses allow you to get some extra cash every time you get a follower for yourself.

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Social Integration

The app also has a full social integration in-built into it. This allows you to directly login using your Facebook id and also socialize with people. Make new friends and get playing with them!

Also using a Playport connect account, you can enjoy seamless integration, if you own more than one Apple devices. It allows you to enjoy your gambles across a range of devices.

In-App Purchases

While you can enjoy the app fully without any additional purchases, however, you can get some extra juice into your account with them. This Best Casino Social Slots app allows you get more credits and purchase optional items to juice up your gambles!

We did like playing the Best Casino Social Slots and are sure looking forward to our next game!

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