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Bingo Blitz is a very popular app in Australia at the moment, and it’s starting to take the rest of the world by storm as well. This app is available as a free facebook app, and as a downloadable app (free too) for iOS, blackberry and Android users alike.

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In this game, you get to take on people from all over the world in fast paced and action packed bingo games, in settings that feature colourful cities all around the globe. The first available setting for example is New York, and as soon as you start leveling cities like Madrid, London, New Orleans, Sydney and Paris start becoming available.
When you download this bingo app, you start by logging in with your facebook account, or by choosing to play as a guest. The fun part of logging in with Facebook, is ofcourse the ability to invite your facebook friends to join you in the bingorooms. Because all players you face in Bingo Blitz are real players, not bots. So it’s up to you to play against stranger and maybe make some new friends, or just stick with the old ones you already know 😉

Once inside, pick a bingo room, and select the number of Bingo cards you want to play with, keeping in mind that the more cards you play with, the higher your maximum winning will be. Not only will you be earing credits, but you will be winning experience points as well. Experience will help you level up, which in turn will make more cities and locations available, and help you earn things like power ups and extra credits.

Bingo blitz facebook

Bingo Blitz works like any other normal bingo game: you lay your bingo cards in front of you, in the upper screen bingo balls will randomly be chosen. As soon as you have a full card, you win the match. In this app however, there is a lot more to win. Certain numbers on your cards hold extra prizes, and filling certain lines will give you extra points.

The social factor in Bingo Blitz is the biggest plus in our opinion. Playing against real competitors is a real thrill. The bingo games are short and fast paced, which makes you keep coming back for “just one more quick game”. A real winner.

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