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Bingo Classic really takes the essence of the game and brings it to IOS. Stunning, simple graphics and numbers and letters that are called out to you take the experience to a new level. Bingo Classic cannot be played on Android platforms just yet, but they are currently testing out Android versions, so they will no doubt come out with Bingo Classic for Android soon.

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Bingo Classic is developed not by a company, but by an individual named Robert Suh. He was born in North America and has been making games since 2011, his first game being “Keno Keno 4x”. Bingo Classic was such a success; it reached number 1 Casino Game in Thailand. It also got a spot in the top 10 iPad casino games in the US, Canada, Australia, Thailand and the United Kingdom.



• There are more than 60 patterns to choose from. Even if you can’t find the pattern that you want, you can e-mail the developer personally and he will add the pattern for you. Talk about customer service, right?
• There are no fancy power-ups, boosts or chat features that can make other Bingo games more complicated, so you won’t get distracted easily. Bingo Classic is the only Bingo game you need if you truly want to play a simple game of Bingo.

In-app purchases

In Bingo Classic you can buy “gems” with real money. These gems are used to purchase cards and more. The minimal amount of gems (50) can be bought with only 0.99 US Dollars. The maximum amount of gems (3500) can be purchased by spending 19.99 US Dollars.


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