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One of the things you’ll notice immediately about Boom Bingo is that this isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill bingo app. It looks like the developers put some serious time and effort into this app, with its user interface being crisp and clean. It also has this interesting, unique feature where real people read you the bingo numbers. Pretty awesome, right? Let’s take a look at Boom Bingo’s other standout features:

  • Boom Bingo has a chat option. This means that you can chat with your friends- or with strangers- about bingo or other subjects while you’re playing the game. The chat is in real-time.
  • This app has a very user-friendly interface. The buttons are all clear and in a nice, legible font.
  • It’s not just bingo that Boom Bingo has to offer; it also has fun little mini-games like slots to earn some cool rewards that you can use in your bingo game.
  • You can play up to 60 cards a game. That’s insane! Any other bingo app will probably give you a maximum of 20 or 40 cards per game.

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Boom Bingo was developed by a company called Boom Digital Media Group. This company has an office in Ontario, Canada, and has multiple apps in the app store incorporating casino themes. Aside from bingo, this company has also made apps with themes like poker, slots, and mini-games. If you like Boom Bingo, you might like Beach Bingo, too. Beach Bingo is basically Boom Bingo, but with a sunny beach theme.

All in all Boom Bingo is a very nice addition to your smartphone. Fun to play and easy to get into. It’s not a real money bingo app, like for example the DownTown Bingo app, this one is just for fun credits!

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