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Casino Crime
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Are you a smooth criminal? Find out with the free Casino Crime app from HandyGames! This very original game includes all of the fun of normal casino apps, but with an awesome role playing game built right in. Gamble and steal all at once in Casino Crime, and make a name for yourself as a master criminal!

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In Casino Crime, you can build your very own casino, from the ground up. You can go through an impressive array of casino items, like customizable slot machines, gaming tables, and other gambling stuff, all to impress your casino customers and to take their money! Every patron that comes into your casino voices their wants and needs through mini thought bubbles. Take their advice and improve your casino to get more customers and earn more moolah. More customers also mean more opportunities to turn to your criminal side. Casino Crime allows you to sneakily pick-pocket guests while they are busy watching the reels spin on the slots or playing at the Blackjack table.

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On top of all that criminally good fun, Casino Crime allows players to sway the outcomes of bets on different tables. You can cheat your customers by nudging the Roulette ball off of a desired number, in order to take their bet. Finally, you get to play as the House in a gambling game. Casino Crime is unlike any casino app available on the Google Play App Store, and is absolutely worth a look. The graphics aren’t the most fancy that you’ll see on casino apps, but the game play will entertain you for hours on end. Build up your funds and move on to new levels where your options increase. You can even share your new found criminal fame on Facebook and Twitter.

You can only push your customers too far before your crimes are realized and your customers demand their money back, so be careful not to pick-pocket the same ones. Download version 1.6 of Android to enjoy this awesome gambling app on your device.

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