Cops n Robbers Slot Machine

The Cops n Robbers Slot Machine app is a classic style Video Slots, which reminds us of old school gambling. The app has a very retro feel to it, and is also quite fun to play on! Developed by SgtSmileyUK, the app is intended for casual entertainment purposes only, so real money gambling is not possible on the app.


The app is compatible on Android devices 2.3 and up. If your device is running on Android Gingerbread or higher, you can get to enjoy the super exciting gambling game! To max out your thrills, we recommend you to run it on portrait mode.

Cops n Robbers Slot Machine 2


The Cops n Robbers Slot Machine offers a straight-forward gaming interface. Upon opening the app, you’ll be greeted with the Slots directly. This allows you to enjoy no non-sense, straight to the point gambling games. Lay your wagers and get ready for hours of thrilling entertainment!

While turning the wheels of fortune we enjoyed the fantastic features like:

  • Auto Nudge Bot. The nudge key essentially helps you line up the symbols right.
  • Auto Cash Bot. This helps you extract highest possible amount from your gambles.
  • Steppa Win Mode. This features is helpful to get you a winning combination.
  • Classic Cop n Robber side game!
  • Option to hold lines from spinning.
  • Mega wins. You can enjoy some really big winnings!


  1. Exciting arcade style gambling.
  2. Straight to the game interface.
  3. Huge winnings!
  4. No disturbing adverts in this version of the app.


  1. No real money games.
  2. Might get repetitive after some time.


The app is fine for casual gambling sessions. Though it does not allow real money gambles, still we would recommend you to try out this app. For those of you who enjoy gambling games, yet do not want to invest your money into it, the Cops n Robbers Slot Machine is perfect for you!

Cops n Robbers Slot Machine 3
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