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The Dragonplay Slots is undoubtedly a premium mobile gambling app, from the house of dragonplay. The app lets you enjoy some of the best mobile Slots, for completely free. You can grab some pretty neat bonuses with this app, along with enjoying the social aspects of the app.


The app has a minimum requirement of Gingerbread and above to run properly. In most cases a 512 MB of Ram is enough to play on the app. The app also allows you to get HD elements for enhancing your games. If you have a compatible device, you can enjoy them as well.

English is the primary supported language of the app, however they might be soon releasing support for other languages.


We absolutely loved their interface. It does serve its purpose well. To enjoy the games on your phone, all you need is to fire up the app and the games await to be played. The app integrates, HD elements into its interface. So if you own a tablet device, enjoy the glory of the big screen.

Dragonplay Slots 2


To get you gaming all day long, the app gets you to enjoy a number of Slots games along with some pretty thrilling mini games. We really liked the neat effects of the Slots games, it made us want to play it more! The main aspects of gaming we enjoyed with this app are:

  • Multiplayer Slots tournaments. Your chance to scoop up the lot!
  • Numerous Slots choices! Pick the one suiting your taste.
  • Themed Slots.
  • Daily wins guaranteed! No matter what, you will win.


As the app allows you to play multiplayer games, it does have a neat set of social functions integrated into it. With the app you can get to play along with your friends and compete in tournaments by their side. It also lets you share gifts and receive gifts from your friends.

In all the Dragonplay Slots app is an thrilling mobile venture, getting you fun gambling all day long!

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