Dragon’s Fortune


Game of chance

Dragon’s Fortune will take you on a trip through the Orient as you build up your good fortune. This incredible mobile app is based on the Chinese game of chance that you won’t be able to put down. It’s playable on it’s self or in the Jackpot City Mobile app. It’s a real money slots app that can also be played for free. Click the image above or get it here.

Action packed

Dragon’s Fortune is an action packed gambling game that features a fire breathing dragon and six magic pearls. Once you press the “Play” button, the dragon goes crazy spitting fire on the magic set of pearls. As each pearl is flame broiled, a distinct color and Chinese character symbol will appear. The pearls then ring the mighty gong and are lined up in the row of fortune. Match the color and the symbol on the magic pearl to the win table on the bottom of your mobile screen to see just how many multipliers you’ve fired up. If you have two or more matches, your bet will be multiplied by the numbers on the win table corresponding to the color and symbol on your magic pearls. That’s both multipliers, not just one!


Each of the magic pearl colors in Dragon’s Fortune have a different value tied to them. Yellow pearls have a multiplier value of 2, purple have a value of 100, green have 1,000, and the big money pearls, the Orange ones, have a multiplier value of 20,000! Will the fire breathing dragon bring you some fire orange pearls? You’ll have to play to find out!

This game app is not only an exotic good time, but it is also insanely easy to play. Both novice gambling players and experienced gamers can jump right in on the Dragon action! Play today and win you Dragon’s Fortune!

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