There are games, and then there are games, and this is one of those classics that will always be a classic. That is because this app is a new world spin on an old school game. Many people who played this game in the past can reconnect with their former selves, and enjoy a sense of nostalgia while at it.

Since the 1980’s, the slot machines found in this game have been amongst the most popular in their time. They were so popular that people would travel hundreds of miles just to play them.

Floppy 2

Well, thank goodness for technology and modern amenities because now these classic and famous slot machines are available through the Floppy app, by developer Sonderspiele Butterweich GmbH. So whether this is a memory from your past, or you are creating a new memory, this app will amaze you. In order to start and enjoy hours and hours of fun, simply go to the Google Play store and download this app on your phone.

The classic enjoyment will then begin. As you level up and get accustomed to all the Floppy app’s incredible features, you will notice that the settings rolling disks can switch to black. This is exciting as it lets you know when the danger has expanded, and you are likely to make an enormous loss.

Download this game to enjoy a classic throwback, made for modern everyday play. There is a reason it has an almost perfect 5-star score on Google Play – it delivers much more than it promises.

Floppy 3
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