gembustersShine bright like a diamond! Pop on your sunshades, because the fun game app, Gembusters, is now available to play on your mobile device and it’s sure to blind you with sparkling winnings!
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Gembusters is a bright and exhilarating, arcade-style gambling game that features an 8 x 8 playing grid. The dazzling gems are your game symbols, and are comprised of Emeralds, Rubies, Diamonds, Topaz, Amethyst, Zirconium, and Sapphires. Eight of these beauties will drop from the top of your screen and fall into place in the playing grid. When three or more of the same gems fall into a horizontal or vertical line, they will bust and disappear on the board. The gems above those that busted will then cascade down into their place and brand new gems will fall from the top of your mobile screen.

The more gems that you can bust at one time, the bigger the payout you receive. Line up 6 identical gems and you’ve earned 10 times your bet. With 7 of the same gems touching, you’ll get a sparkling 100 times your bet. If you gem hunters are really fortunate and you’re able to land 8 identical gems horizontally or vertically, then you are rewarded with a payout of 500 times your wager!

The gleaming Zirconium gem symbols act as wilds in Gembusters and can be substituted for any other gem symbol on your playing grid. So, if you have two Diamond symbols next to one Zirconium, then that’s a gem bust! Once all of the matching gem symbols have busted, the total amount of multipliers that you’ve won will be tallied up and added to your bet. This game is busting with fun and is so easy that you’ll be shining with big payouts!

Play the Gembusters mobile arcade game now and brighten up your day with some dazzling winnings!

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