OMG! Fortune

OMG! Fortune is a fun and fast-paced app, that focuses on playing slots and “slot-machine-type” games like bingo and scratch cards. An extra fun factor is added with lots of social features: connect with facebook and play with your friends!It’s available for Android; you can download it for free in the Google Play Store.

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As you start the game, you are immediately encouraged to connect with facebook, but you can of course skip this and do it later. Or don’t connect at all if you prefer playing by yourself.

Playing the game

The first game you’ll play is the Zodiac slot, which is essentially a scratchcard type slot. As you spin the Wheel the cards are scratched and you will be winning extra points very soon.

As you progress through the game, you will not only earn credits, but experience as well, which will increase your level. This in turn will unlock new slots, and not only that: you will receive extra credits when you hit a new level, and your Maximum Bet will increase, allowing you to place higher bets with each spin, and your Maximum Special Bonus will get higher too.

Add to that a Level Up Bonus and you will see that gaining higher levels in this game is very profitable. And there is more: After reaching a new level, you will sometimes receive free bonus spins as well. When you complete these, you can make your Facebook friends happy by sending them free spins too!

Level 2

Level 2 is called MadBirds, which doesn’t remind us at all of another app game featuring high-tempered birds 😉 In this game you can hit the play button which will drop 5 eggs on parachutes from the air, revealing 5 birds as soon as they the hit the ground and break open. Get 3 birds of the same type and you win points. Very fun.
Mad Birds slot

5 Reel slots

The 3rd level is called Slots in the City: a 5-reel videoslot with a nice glamour and fashionstyle theme. Right up this reviewer’s ally. The first 2 levels might have been fairly simple casino games: Slots in the City promises a lot of really classy 5 reel slot games to come in this app.
Slots and the City

More levels include Diamond Treasure, Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Chicken Fortune, Leprechaun Gold, Pirates Ahoy, Golden Temple and Wild Olympus. Sounds promising.

Meanwhile, in the Lobby…

Lobby screenshot
In the Lobby we find the Special Bonus Wheel: spin the Wheel and collect credits, not just for yourself, but for your friends as well. You can share them and send them to your Facebook friends. You can spin the Special Bonus Wheel every 4 hours. Another option in the Lobby is sending Gifts directly to friends, or to collect the Gifts your friends sent you.

In-app purchases

As in most apps, you can buy extra credits to keep playing, when earning them in game isn’t fast enough for you. Prices vary from $ 1,99 dollar for 10.000 credits to $99,99 for 3.220.000 credits.

In conclusion

Actually the variation in games makes this app very different from most slot machine apps, where you mostly play slots of 1 or 2 different types. In OMG Fortune, each new level emerges you in a new style of gameplay. Just like in real online casinos where you usually have different gametypes. Apart from winning credits, player-rewards are abundant: lots of free spins, extra credits and unlockable slots.

Gameplay is smooth, loadingtime is fast. Graphics are excellent: This is one app that will keep us coming back for more!

9.3 Total Score
Users Score 8.3 (13 votes)
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  • carol rosebosky says:

    PLEASE STOP NOTIFICATIONS TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS. i like the app but accidently hit notifications. When I hit stop, it doesnt even though I uninstalled app. Driving me crazy! Ty

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