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Loco Bingo 90, or PlaySpace Bingo, is an iOS/ Android app, as well as a Facebook game, that’s playable for free. To play the game you will need a Playspace account. Which is very easy to get ofcourse: registering is free, and very easy by connecting it with your Facebook account. Alternatively, just register with your e-mail address.

Loco Bingo 90 android

Play Bingo

From the lobby, you have access to the bingo rooms. Before you enter, you’ll need to purchase some bingocards. No real money involved: purchases are made with ingame credits. When you open your account, you receive enough credits to get yourself going for the first few games. As you progress in the game, and hopefully you’ll be winning now and again, you’ll earn more credits. Credits are earned by taking challenges as well, and just by logging in daily. Which should not be a problem with this bingo app on your smartphone. And is earning credits like this isn’t going fast enough for your likings, there’s always the option of in-app purchasing more credits. But as each bingocard only costs 5 credits, most players will be able to manage just fine with just the free credits.

Obviously, the game offers 90 balls bingo. Graphically, the game is very awesome. It looks very smooth, and the interface of the lobby and the bingoroom itself are clear and easy to use. A sweet and relaxing Spanish Guitar themed soundtrack plays during the games, which seems exactly right for this layed-back type of bingo game.

PlaySpace Bingo

Social features

All the features for a social game are present. A chat area to meet and connect with other players, most of which seem to be very friendly and helpful: the kind of atmosphere we have come to expect when playing at PlaySpace. In the bingorooms itself, numbers are drawn, and you will have to keep focused, because a tracking system lets you know exactly which players are winning, and how far ahead or behind you are compared to them. Because of the social gaming aspect, Loco Bingo 90 has a lot of feature that allow to send gifts to other players, like extra credits, lucky charms (power ups) or bingocards. And ofcourse you’re encouraged to invite your Facebook friends and share your accomplishments with them.


All in all, PlaySpace Bingo is a very welcome addition to our smartphones here at the office. Definitely one of the more challenging (yet easy to play) bingo apps available!

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