Poker Shark Party

The Poker™ Shark Party app is an exciting new casino gambling app, available for your Apple device. The app lets you enjoy splendid casino gambles at your ease, although the games are only for fun and does not allow real money play. The app also has social aspects integrated in to it, so that you can enjoy with your friends too.


The app is an all in Poker game variant. You can enjoy splendid games, in short span of time. With the app you stand a chance to enjoy the best online Poker games, anywhere you like. The main aspects of the poker app we really enjoyed are:

  • No registration required. You can jump right into the games.
  • Quick games. As soon as you fold a new game starts.
  • 5 player and 9 player variants.
  • Play with your buddies. Your Facebook Poker buddies are just a touch away!

Poker Shark Party 2


With the app, you can enjoy your share of happiness everyday as you keep playing with them. They ensure that you get to enjoy a bonus boosting your bankroll on a daily basis. There is a bonus waiting for you every day. Grab it and get playing now!


While the Poker™ Shark Party app does not allow advanced social features, but it does allow you some basic social functions, which are integrated in the app. With the app you can create your own personal avatar, which will appear at the table.

You can also update your scores on your social profiles and also keep a tab on leader boards.


Even though the app does not allow real money play, it does ensure that you are playing on a completely secure platform. The app is also routinely updated from time to time, ensuring you get the best experience on your apple device.

The Poker™ Shark Party is an online only app, which we would definitely recommend you to try out.

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