Poker Superstars III

Have you been searching for an interactive Poker app where you can show off your amazing skills? Would you like to play against the real like Poker Superstars? If you would, brace yourself for a high stakes game of No Limit Texas Hold Em with 12 masters of the game.

This amazing app, Poker Superstars III by Gameblend Studios, is designed to challenge and amaze you, and you will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment once you are holding a winning hand. It is based on season three of the mega-hit TV show, and the Poker Superstars III features some of the hottest names in Poker. Among these is Jennifer Tilly, Barry Greenstein, Antonio Esfandiari and so many more.

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The features of this amazing app include:

  • Choice to play in the season mode with a big tournament, or as a single round where you can try your luck against 5 of the superstars.
  • An adjust speed option so that you can still get your poker fix even when you are pressed for time. Another great advantage of this feature is that you can really slow things down to allow you to analyze your opponents and plan your next move.
  • The gold chip challenges where you can earn and collect gold chips based on the game performance. The more you develop your skills, the more gold chips you can collect.
  • Control over expressions, where you can scowl when the superstars beat you.
  • Tracking, as the game keeps track of all your winnings, percentages of flops see/pots won and best hands.

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Don’t waste another moment. Download this game from the App Store of Google Play Store and start playing Poker today. It’s not a free download: get it for only $0,99.

Poker Superstars III
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