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Riches of Olympus – Slots
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Riches of Olympus – Slots is another fine casino app by Zynga, the developer you might know for that other great app – Zynga Poker. Riches of Olympus lets you play a wide variety of slots in HD quality, all situated in Ancient Greece, and more specifically: the stories of the Greek Gods, Demi-Gods and ancient heroes. The first slot you get to play for example is the Perseus and Andromeda, the story of the hero who defeated the sea monster to rescue the daughter of Cepheus.

Perseus and Andromeda slot machine

As you progress in the game, more slot machine become available. Like the Pegasus (the winged horse), the Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty), Medusa (the which whose gaze can turn a man into stone), Poseidon (god of the sea), Zeus and many many more. You may eventually get to a point at which you have to download additional content (which is free).

Players start out with an amount of free credits, which decreases with every spin, depending on the height of your placed bet. At the start, you can choose to bet 10, 20 or 30 credits per spin. Your credits increase with every winline, and of course the higher your bet, the higher your maximum earnings. As you level up, your maximum bet increases, allowing you to win even more credits with each turn.

Riches of Olympus slots

It’s not only credits that are won with each spin. You also gain experience points, which allow you to level up. As said, more features become available with higher levels: higher bets, additional slots, Mega Wilds and Free Spins.
Each day you will receive a free amount of credit to play with, so even if you have blown all your credits with hours of playing the previous day, the next day you will be able to make a fresh start. If earing credits isn’t going fast enough for your likings, in app purchase are available.

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