Scratch n Score

Do you love scratch cards? Do you love football? Then Scratch n Score is the mobile game for you! This mobile app for Blackberry, Windows phone, Android and iPhone is a football themed scratch card that will have you scratching for more as you win huge payouts. Throw on your favorite club’s jersey and start scoring with the Scratch n Score mobile app!

scratch-n-score app android

To play Scratch n Score, simply “scratch out” the spaces on the mobile game card to reveal different football themed symbols. If you can match 3 of the same football symbols on the mobile card, then you are the big winner! Each football symbol you unveil has a multiplier tied to it. So, if you match 3 of the same football symbols (like 3 boots) on your Scratch n Score game card, and the multiplier is 5x, then you win the amount of you wager multiplied times 5! You get a brand new Scratch n Score card after every go, so the fun never stops.

This is just as fun and easy as playing a lottery scratch card, but this card is already right in your pocket. No need to run out to the corner store and pull out a coin. Simply push a button to start scratching and kick the fun into high gear!

You can download and play this scratch card app at Gaming Club Mobile Casino.

Download this scratch game casino app for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows

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