Scratchcard Mania

Scratchcard Mania – The Lottery Scratch Game

Scratchcard Mania is an iOS app by Fragranze games, playbale on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It’s a very basic scratch card game, with 5 card themes that unlock as you progress in the game. These themes are Magic Temple, Luck of the Irish, Wild Wild West, Casino Royale end Unleash the Genie.You don’t a terribly large imagination to get an idea of each theme.

Earing credits by scratching

You start with an amount of buck with which you can play the scratch card. You can buy additional bucks or credits by means of the in-app purchase system, or earn them by playing and winning on the seperate cards. Which does take some take and thus requires some patience on your part.

scratchcard mania app review

The looks

The graphics are good enough, certanly when compared to the general real-life scratchcard: the resemblance is good actually. But when you keep in mind that your smartphone or tablet is capable of a lot more these days, the visuals are a bit basic and outdated maybe, though it might not be fair for just a simple scratch game to compare.


All in all, this scratch card app is just alittle bit to basic. Only 5 themes and simple gameplay just doesn’t keep you coming back for more. Good enough, nice try, but not a keeper.

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