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Slingo is a combination of the words “Slots” and “Bingo”. In the game, you join classic Slingo characters (a joker, a cherub, and more) in a world where it’s up to you to recover the scepter that was stolen from King Diamond. Are you brave enough to recover not only the scepter, but also rescue the Queen from the grasp of The Devil?

There are 30 levels, and it is very important that you play these games quickly. The quicker you finish a level, the bigger the bonus will be. Get through these levels by daubing, spinning, and betting through little mini games that will help you advance in the game. The Devilkins will do anything to hinder your progress, so you better watch out for those! This app is a real fun game, and not compareable with bingo games found in apps such as the Virgin Casino app.

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App Developer

GameHouse is a relatively new company based in Seattle, United States. Their mission is to “enrich lives through games and experiences that people love to play and share”.


  • The Slingo Bingo game is now compatible with the Apple Watch, meaning you can keep track of your heart score and score with your Apple Watch.
  • There are more than 300 levels that you will no doubt enjoy playing.
  • You can connect this game to your Facebook account, so that you can challenge friends and keep track of their progress in the game.
  • Slingo includes multiple fun mini-games to pass the time.
  • Slingo is constantly being worked on, and new worlds and themes are added just about every month.

Slingo app review

In-app purchases

This game is perfectly fine to play without paying for Spinners, but if you want to get ahead of the game you can always buy Spinners in-game. A pack of 10 Spinners will cost you 1.99 euros.

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