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Slot In HD is a nifty slot machine casino app available on Google play (sorry iOS owners, you’ll just have to wait, according to Ganymede’s Facebook page a version for all you iPhone and iPad users is on it’s way). Slot In offers, you guessed it: slots! And that’s all you need, admit it 😉

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We have to say we are quite happy with Slot In. As you might be aware, there are plenty slot games to choose from in the Google Play store. And eventhough there are a lot of good fruitmachine apps, unfortunatley there are just as many that just don’t cut it. SlotIn is a welcome addition to the First category!

The looks

With HD graphics, we get treated with lush visuals on every machine. The animated features are excellent and fun to look at. With very diverse slots, such as the space cadets, war machines, charmed woods, Seaside, jukebox and Zombie Hunter, there is plenty of variation in both what you get to see and the games you play.

slot machine app screenshot Slot In Ganymede


Developer Ganymede made sure there are plenty of reasons to keep you at it, with a lot of special game options and player benefits susch as receiving extra 3 coins every 4 hours, wild en scatter symbols on every machine, friday freebies actions, and lots of Achievement to try and reach. Especially those achievements are fun and challenging, because apart from trying to win as many credits as you can, you now also have other goals to shoot for by playing.

Playing Slots with your friends

Another welcome feature is ofcourse the social gaming option: you get to play slots with your Facebook friends. Connection is smooth, and there is a special game version for playing on Facebook only. So none of your frends get left out.

All in all: Slot In is definitely one of the better apps in it’s category. It’s a fun gaming experience and great to look at!

Slot In App screen

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