Super Snake Slot Machine

The Super Snake Slot Machine + is a fantastic app based on the same free app, except this one has a lot of major improvements. Of course we did like the free version, but the + version of the app is even better!

You can keep playing hours of gambling games and not get bored for once. The app does have a lot of surprising packages in store for you.


The app is compatible for all Android devices running on version 1.5 and up. It does have a very basic set of requirements and is not at all heavy on your RAM. So almost any set running on Android 1.5 and above is enough to run this app.


The interface of the app is pretty simple. You are directly greeted by the game itself upon loading. There are also tabs for achievements and currency, just a tap and you can tinker with the settings.

Super Snake Slot Machine 2


The game unlike the ordinary Slots games are Slots with a twist. You can enjoy some of the best gambles, thanks to some nifty additions to the format. The game is more of a skill based games, as opposed to being a game of chance.

With this Slots we enjoyed the exciting features of:

  • Nudge. This features automatically nudges the lines to get the best win.
  • Stoppa win. With this modification of the format, you can hold the machine from paying out, spinning it another time instead.
  • Snake Chaser. Follow the snake line for big wins!
  • Coin payout slot. This lets you enjoy the sight of coins falling!


The social aspects of the app are not quite as evolved as multiplayer app, primarily because it is a single player app. But still you can share your achievements on the social media.

Hope you enjoyed reading this Super Snake Slot Machine review, do give the wheels a spin and experience it for yourself!

Super Snake Slot Machine 3
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