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Get ready to get wild!  The TouchPlay Deuces Wild Poker app from Touch This Software is a wildly fun casino app for both Android and Apple mobile devices gamers. If you’ve ever played video poker games in casinos before, you will be able to jump right on in to the excitement in this free app.  And if you never have played before, then the Tips and Support page can teach you all of the tricks of the trade. 

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When you first start playing the TouchPlay Deuces Wild Poker app, you are given 100 credits to begin your video poker career.  See just how far those initial 100 credits can carry you, and if you lose them all, don’t you worry; TouchPlay Deuces Wild Poker will give you another 100 credits to start over with.  Simply hit the Deal button after you lose all of your chips, and the new 100 will show up immediately.  Best of all, you can do this as much as you’d like!  You can also double your video poker winnings in this fun app.  The dealer will ask you if you’d like to double-up after you’ve won a hand.  If you say yes, he’ll deal himself and you a card, and the higher of the two wins.  If you win, you just doubled-up!  Of course, if his card is higher than yours (Ace is high in this game), then you lose your entire bet.  You can win up to 4000 credits on a single hand if you hit the jackpot and double-up!

The graphics of TouchPlay Deuces Wild Poker are not the sleekest, but the authentic feel of the video poker app, coupled with the sweet in-game sound effects, make you feel like you are on a casino floor in Vegas. This mobile poker app allows you to save your game at any point, so when you are ready, you can jump right back in to where you left off.  This is very unique for a poker app!  This fun game is available for Android users in the Google Play App Store, as long as they have version 2.1 and up, and for Apple players, iOS version 3.2 or greater is required to play.  With the great tech support from Touch This Software, TouchPlay Deuces Wild Poker app is a crazy good download that you must have.

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