Internet casino app accepting Western Union payments

Western Union has been around for ages (starting way back in 1851!) as a very popular money wiring and money order tool that is amazingly convenient, with over 270,000 outlets across the world. Of course, these days, Western Union is easily accessible through it mobile app, so completing a money order is much faster than it used to be.

The process for funding your casino account via Western Union, however, can be a bit more time consuming than simply using your Visa Debit Card or E-Wallet services like PayPal. After you create your Western Union account and register your personal credit card, you have to directly contact the internet casino’s customer service support to gather the information needed to push your Western Union payment through, once it is ready. Then you must go back to the Western Union outlet or mobile app on your device, and push through the funds.

All of this does have its benefits. Western Union is insanely secure and fool proof. For a fee, Western Union offers you the option of making your deposit through the “Money in Minutes” service to the mobile internet casino of your choice. This will allow for a super quick transfer that will have you spinning the reels in no time.

Western Union does give US based gamblers an additional resource to fund their mobile casino accounts. Mobile gambling sites, like Bovada, Ladbrokes, and BetVictor, all accept Western Union as a viable option for funding player accounts. While Western Union is a mainstay in the industry, the deposit process is a bit tiresome, and may be not be worth it in the long run.