Wild Panda Casino Slot Game

Slots lovers will surely love the Wild Panda Casino Slot Game on their Apple devices. The game is quite a different one, one of a kind it is. It is based on a really popular game by the Aristocrat Technology Inc. Getting the Wild Panda to your mobile.


We really liked their simplistic and to-the-point gambling interface. This aids considerably in providing a great online experience, letting you enjoy full Retina display quality graphics on your phone. Flash compatibility is required to enjoy the games.

Upon opening the app you’ll be greeted with your favorite Wild Panda chewing its way to your heart!


The app is supported across a range of Apple devices, including different variants of iPad and iPhone. You must be having iOS version 4.0 or later to enjoy the app, though it is not optimized for iOS 5.0.

Wild Panda Casino Slot Game 2


With the app, you can enjoy a great online mobile gambling experience. We absolutely loved the graphics of the app, providing you with great attractive visuals. The format of the game is another aspect we truly enjoyed.

You get 5 Free games, along with stacked bonuses. Line up the Pandas and you’ll be all set to grab the big wins with the app. The app allows you to enjoy the games in three different formats:

  • Dream.
  • Tournament.
  • Casino+

The Wild Panda Casino Slot Game is purely meant for fun and thus this app does not provide real money gambles.


The app has social integration, but it offers limited scope. Although you can’t pit your skills against your friends with this app, as it is primarily is a single player game.

With the app you can directly share your scores on social media in a touch, also keep a tab on the leaderboards.


This is a fine mobile gambling app, packed with fun games you are sure to enjoy the Wild Panda Casino Slot Game on your Apple handheld device.

Wild Panda Casino Slot Game 3
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