Win 10 apps

A lot of the casino apps featured on are compatible with Windows 10. These Windows 10 apps make it possible for you to play the latest roulette apps, bingo apps or slot machine apps on your windows PC or laptop. A lot of these games let you make a personal account, that enables you to play with the same profile on multiple devices. For example the Unibet app, when you register, let’s you register one account. This account is then accessible on both your iPhone, and your Windows laptop. Simply by using the same login details.

Win 10

Most apps are available for download in the Microsoft or Windows store. In some cases, specific casino apps can not be found in your country’s Windows Store. This may be due to local gambling laws that prohibit Microsoft from promoting gambling related Win 10 apps. When this is the case for an app that you might be looking to download on for example your laptop, going to the mobile site of the casino operator usually solves the problem. You will be able to register and play directly from the mobile site, which in many cases offers the same games and features as the Windows 10 app.

Location of the Win10 app store -casino games

For example, when you live in Germany (where most websites end in .de) and you can not find the Royal Panda app in your German Windows 10 store, simply go to the .de website of Royal Panda. This developer will let you play the featured casino app games directly in your (mobile) browser, of offer you a direct download of the Windows 10 app for for your Laptop or PC. This example is ofcourse not only for players in Germany.