Wire transfer accepting casino apps:

1. Casino La Vida – Microgaming app with many slots, roulette and 750 bonus.
2. Slotland (USA WELCOME) – only thrilling slot machines in their app.
3. All Slots – progressive jackpot mobile slots, blackjack, video poker, bingo.

wire transferWire transfers have become an increasingly safe and convenient way for a lot of players to fund their casino app accounts. Wire transfers involve taking money from your personal bank account and directly transferring it into your mobile casino account. It really is as simple as that, with transfer agencies providing the service as a middle man between you and the internet casino providers. Wire transfers are also a wonderful option for high rollers, as they frequently allow for high limit deposits and withdrawals. All apps mentioned above work fine on mainstream mobile devices of BB, Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Samsung and more.

The simplicity of the wire transfer goes both ways, as withdrawals from your mobile or online casino account are very common and pain-free. There are a number of mobile casinos that allow wire transfers, such as Slotland Casino and Casino La Vida. Wire transfers are often allowed for both US and non-US casino players to fund their personal gambling accounts. Some mobile casinos only allow wire transfers to be used on the withdrawal end of the transaction, with minor fees often tied to the transaction.

One of the negative aspects of using wire transfers as your casino payment method is the length of time it can take to process deposits and withdrawals. These types of transfers can often take anywhere from one business day to a whole working week to process. Also, some wire transfer agencies will charge a small fee to make the transaction for you. Generally, the casinos will provide you with a reference number to track and verify that your transaction has been completed successfully.

The perks definitely outweigh the drawbacks when using wire transfers to fund your mobile casino account, and you don’t have to go through the often tedious process of applying for anything, like you do for debit and credit card accounts. Wire transfers are a great payment option, as long as you don’t mind the lag in time.