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I’m sure when you think of bingo the last thing you’re thinking is intense, but when I played this game this was the first word that came to mind. First of all, I’m no bingo expert. I don’t go to my local bingo night with grandma so I don’t know what those are like. From what I’ve heard those games can be quite fierce as well. As someone who has been playing games for most of my life and has played games ranging from Mario to Call of Duty I didn’t think a little Bingo game would be such a challenge.

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Visuals and graphics

First of all I liked the visuals. The graphics are very sharp and colorful. Now this just isn’t your ordinary Bingo game. There are boosts and collectibles flying at you at every corner. The game is broken up into differently themed rooms (such as Beach, Casino, etc.) and all that changes is the collectibles you can earn in that room. For my first game I just went with one Bingo card. It was very easy to keep up with all of the numbers being called and boosts, treasure chests, coins, etc. are littered throughout your card. If that number is called then you get that item. Every time you mark a number your boost meter fills a little. The longer you wait and the more you fill it up the better the boost is when you activate it.

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I didn’t get a Bingo! in my first game so I decided to try two cards for my next game. It was ten times more intense then my first game. I found myself jumping back and forth between the two cards frantically checking if the last number called was on either card. It was frustrating to see both cards filled with marks and just needing that one number to get a Bingo! Unfortunately, I was shut out again. I definitely got much better at handling more cards the more I played. It was a fun challenge to try and manage all the cards and make sure I didn’t miss a number. I got as high as using four cards, and I can’t even begin to manage what 8 or 12 cards is like. Perhaps one day I can work my way up to that many cards, but for right now 4 is plenty a challenge.

In conclusion

Overall, I thought this game was great and most importantly it was fun. Games are supposed to be fun after all and with the price of free you can’t beat that. I encourage everyone to give this game a try and see if Bingo! is for you. Who knows, you may find yourself going with grandma to bingo night for a night of intense Bingo action.

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  • Elizabeth says:

    I have not been able to claim my daily tickets for the past ten(?) days. Always at 1005 and claim the 24 tickets, 1029. next day tickets are 1005 , claim 24 tickets, 1029. What’s going on?

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