Bingo Bash

Can’t find a bingo hall in your neighborhood? Tired of traveling miles to go have fun and be able to yell “BINGO!” Well, fret no more and save your gas money. Bingo Bash via Facebook, Android and Google Play, or iPhone and iPad, is your answer. All that you need to do is download or install the game on your preferred device in order to get started. Once you’ve downloaded, log in (if using Facebook), then wait for the game to load.

Bingo cards

Next you’re going to pick your bingo card. At first it will start you with one card to get use to how to daub and play the game. Next you can choose between having one to four cards per game!

Bingo bash app for android

Bingo Power ups

Once you have played there are exciting and fun powerups to make the game more fun. There is what is called a Power Play which is available for daubing three numbers total. This is a fun and exciting way to get a bingo with no problems. Getting more than one bingo will get you ahead in the group and it will also help to get you ahead on the leaderboard for the game.

In app purchases

There are a few other powerups which will come to play further in the game that can also be purchased. These are instant bingo, chip cells, money cells, gem cells and even money bonanza. Each one of these powerups will give you more excitement in the game and a more powerful advantage. Get ahead and have fun during every bingo session from now on right from the comfort of your own home. If you always want to play for free or if you like to win real cash check out these great bingo apps! For UK as well.

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