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Bingo by Gamepoint is played by millions of players worldwide every day. There are chatrooms, so that you can chat with players while you play up to 15 cards simultaneously.


Bingo by Gamepoint is designed and published by a company called “GamePoint”. This company was founded in 1998 and is known for various games such as Bingo, Word Tornado and a variety of card games. Bingo by Gamepoint was originally never meant to be played on a mobile device, but because of its success on Facebook and their own website, the company decided to make it playable as an app for iPhone and Android devices as well.

Bingo app Gamepoint


  • In most Bingo games, you only win one set prize per card. That’s not the case with Bingo by Gamepoint; you can win multiple prizes per card. You can win lines, patterns and more.
  • There is an international SuperBingo Jackpot that you are eligible for when you play in the rooms designed to play for this jackpot.
  • You decide your stake. There are various stake levels that you can choose from, ranging from “Beginner” to “Pro”.
  • Opt for manual marking, or let the game do that for you. You can choose automatic marking in the settings of the game.
  • Aside from the fact that there are nice prizes to be won, there are also multiple ways to earn free coins.

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In-app purchases

Bingo by Gamepoint is a free to play app game. You can, however, buy additional coins with real money. The feature to pay for in-app purchases is always turned on, but it is possible to turn it off. By turning off in-app purchases in your device settings, it’s impossible for you to accidentally buy something in-game.

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