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Bingo Crack is one of friendliest bingo apps we’ve seen so far in the stores. It’s available for free for both iPhone and Android users (and Blackberry as well). The game is playable as a Facebook app too.

Bingo Crack app lobby screen

As you get launched into the game, you will notice it’s packed with nice friendly owls, who make the game all the more funny and friendly. The app starts by placing you in a quick tutorial, which really helps you find things from the start. So when this is done, you are ready to start playing bingo immediately. You can choose between 75 balls bingo and 90 balls bingo, and playing with 1 or 2 bingocards at the same time. Once you press Play, you will que for a place in a bingo room, an once the room is full, the countdown ends and bingo commences.

As you might expect, the game itself is simple enough. You start out with 1 or 2 bingocards with random numbers. Bingo balls are then randomly drawn, and when a number appears that is on one of your cards, you select that number. Should you have a full line with drawn number in any direction, you press the Bingo Button and win the game. As a room is usually filled with no less then 20 players, there are multiple Bingo’s available, allowing players to win a place, a certain amount of free credits end experience points that help you level up.

Bingo Crack on tablet

Leveling up means that new Bingorooms and options become available, and unlocks different owls as well. Credits are earned as well, by winning bingo games, or just scoring numbers on your card. You get free credits every day just by launching the app, so you’ll be able to keep playing in a fast enough rate.

Bingo Crack has quickly become one of our favorite bingo apps. It’s a very addictive game, but since it’s not a real money bingo casino game, that’s not meant as a downside. Friendly, easy, fun and very addictive! A real must have bingo app!

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