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Bingo Machine by Benjamin Mayo is a really fun little app for iPhone users. It simulates or takes over the part a Bingo Caller. So unlike most bingo apps, Bingo Machine is not a game on it’s own. It’s a utility that come right in handy when you are having a bingo party for example. No need for you or one of your friends to be the caller anymore, everyone can participate in the game itself and let Bingo Machine be the one to draw the numbers and call them out.

Bingo machine

And that’s just what this app does, no more no less. It can draw the balls, and display them on the screen, or you can set it to call them out in a real human voice. Both options seem to work excellent. When you are with just a few friends, the small iPhone screen will not be a problem, however a room full of bingo players will not be able to look at the small screen. So developer Benjamin Mayo has added an option to display the app on a television screen (or other screen) by means of Airplay connection. Perfect right?

It’s not a free app, but at the cost of just $1, that should not be something to complain about. Especially when you like playing bingo on a frequent basis. Just don’t forget to bring your bingo cards, you will still need those!

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