Bingo Party

Bingo Party is a fresh new Bingo game that’s now available in the App Store. This 75 Ball US Bingo game has a lot of features in store for us.

Social Bingo app

It focusses mainly on being a social bingo party game, letting you play with your friends through Facebook Connect. In this Multi player option you are able to exchange Gifts and power-up-like boosts with eachother, and by doing so earn Popularity Points. Ofcourse, your friends are not the only ones you can compete with: you can play with players from all over the world with this game.

Offline and Online

Apart from being a social game, Bingo Party is also a great game when playing solo. The offline version of the game is very entertaining, making it a great practice mode as well when you are not playing with your friends. Face it: they have other things to do sometimes 😉

Bingo party app screen

Fun to play

So how does the game feel. First of all: the game rooms look excellent. With exotic locations such as Vegas Party and Belly Dance, the game’s graphics are really nice, adding to a fun and party like atmosphere. The game Music and score are really good as well. Don’t forget your earphones.

Easy for beginners

The game is easy to get into, even for inexperienced Bingo players. You earn game experience and level up as you go, allowing you to unlock more and more bingo rooms. This Bingo app is free to play, if you want you can purchase boost backs in-game. The menu is easy to use, the game choices are clear and easy accessible.

Final verdict

Looking great, this game is a lot of fun! If you weren’t playing bingo a lot allready, you will be after downloading this great bingo app.

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