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BlackJack eXtreme is a game that you will love to win. It is a social gaming application available for everyone all over the world. This game is packed with excitement and fantastic rewards once you start playing. You can play for free or for real money! That’s right: this is one of those blackjack apps that let’s you win real cash prizes.

This is great because, even though the game is meant for free play, you can profit from your skill. The tricks of the game are easy and with the right guidance, you can enjoy winning even when you are playing with or against an expert! Playing for real is safe, secure and easy.

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Available on iTunes, this is a game changer for Casino-style apps. You can play with friends and enjoy the excitement each and every time. You have a chance to win an EXTRA BONUS GAME so that you can win extra chips every day. Add to that the opportunity to win real cash, this game will keep you occupied.

BlackJack eXtreme app has many features including free chips daily, interactive tutorial, a quick play function, great chip packages; an option to play with friends, live chat, multiple table limits, ring games and an option to play as a guest. It has a Facebook connect option for fast registration. It is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and is customized for iPhone 5.

The game can be downloaded, played instantly, or installed on a mobile or tablet. You can play with your family, friends or even total strangers. You do not have to be an expert to enjoy BlackJack eXtreme; go through the tutorial and start the fun!

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