Coin Dozer

Pushing coins used to be my favorite game at the carnival in town! The Coin Dozer app offers all the fun from those good old days and inserts it in your pocket with this great little app by Game Circus LLC . It doesn’t matter if you own an iPhone or an Android Phone (or blackberry or whatever). You can get this game for free no matter what Phone or operating system you are using.

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Coin dozer review iphone

Doze for prizes

If you have never played games like Coin Dozer: the aim of the game is to push or doze prizes in a manner so that they will come your way. You have to be careful not to push prizes of the sides or you will loose them. If you have ever played this game at a carnival, you will know that this is much more difficult then it sounds. Eventhough to this day I am still convinced carnies rigg their machines to make it virtually impossible to win at this game.

Coin Dozer seasons

But nevermind my childhood frustrations: Coin Dozer is a great game and a welcome addition to your app collection on your smartphone. 3D graphics that are very good, and physics that are actually very realistic. Earn coins to progress through the game, so that you can keep playing for more prizes. Each prize you win will unlock additional coins and bonuses to win even more credits to play or increase your amount of coins.

Coin Dozer – very popular

One of the most popular games in the history of the iTunes app store, with over 30 Million downloads, this app guarantees you and your loved ones hours of fun on your iPhone or iPad.
This extremely addictive application is brought straight from your favorite trade fair, carnival, arcade, park or casino into the palm of your hand. No trips anywhere, no extra bills to pay, and no long road trips needed for you to have hours of fun.

Push some coins

Take some coins from your pocket and drop them through the slots and into the coin pusher and watch as you are rewarded with exciting prizes and even more coins. But you have to be careful though, don’t let the coins drop from the sides of the machine and out of your reach. Prizes include sparkling gems, teddy bears, fuzzy dice, special silver coins or even more gold coins.

3D graphics

The impressive 3-D graphics on the Coin Dozer app, remarkable special effects and astonishingly realistic physics make this game not only fun but a grave challenge. With over 44 prizes to collect and more than 30 special coins to add to your collection, the game promises to keep you on your toes for a long time.

If your coins run out it really is fine, because soon, there will be more coins ready to push through the slot and into the dropper. Just make sure you keep coming back to check on your fortune and complete your collection of prizes.

In conclusion

The games is simple enough to get into, but challenging enough to keep me coming back. The simplicity of the gameplay makes it very suitable for “just one quick game” if you don’t have a lot of time. Well played Game Circus LLC , well played.

Coin Dozer
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