Crazy Eights!

Pick the right strategy for an easy win
“Crazy Eights!” is a game often described as the most played card game in the world. The name “Crazy Eights” is only used in America. In other countries, it is known as “Switch”, “Mau Mau” or “Last One”. What you need to do to win this game? Well, all you need is a good strategy. We won’t go into the rules that much, because it is such a simple game. Besides, isn’t it more fun to discover the rules for yourself? You can download Crazy Eights! in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Windows Store. If you like games like Rummikub and Canasta, we’re sure you’ll like this game, too. You also won’t have to worry about paying for chips; all bets and earnings in the game are virtual.


Play up to 4 people at once
LITE, the developer of “Crazy Eights!”, has spent a lot of time tweaking the sounds and design of the app. You can certainly tell, because it nails the ambiance of a real casino right on the head. The app is mostly for casual players, though professionals will take a liking to it too, we’re sure. You can play by yourself at any moment of the day, or play against other people. You can play up to 4 people at once! After downloading you’ll be able to set your language, too. Choose from English, Dutch, Turkish and Spanish.


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