FairBits is a fresh new casino game in a style that you likely haven’t seen before, by developer FairBits Gaming LLP. It is described as “a virtual currency of luck”. Playing is actually simple enough: to win, all a player needs to do, is predict a binary sequence of zeros (0) and ones (1).

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How does it work?

When you see the Fairbits Wheel, tap a number to select a level. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty, and subsequently the more Fairbits credits you are able to win. In the Level, you can tap two white tiles with either a 1 or a 0. To make things a little bit more easy when you are playing, you also have the option to reveal a tiny bit from the sequence. The higher the level, the more tiles to make a prediction with. Level 1 has only one win tile, level 2 has two tiles and so on.

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Progressing in the game

Credits are called Fairbits. More credit can be unlocked by winning challenges, or bought in the store.
To start playing in a higher level, you need a certain amount of credits to enter that level. For example, level 2 can be accessed with 200 Fairbits, level 7 requires 20.000.000 credits. So you need to win a fair bit of FairBits (pun intended!) to reach higher levels. It really keeps you challenged this way.

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Social options

FairBits offers you the opportunity to play against other players worldwide, as well as invite your Facebook friends (get bonus FairBits for invitations!) and challenge them to a game of predicting sequences. The beauty here is that you can challenge your friends or a random world player for any amount of FairBits (given you have that many FairBits to bet). Also, to personalize the challenge you can add a challenge tag. There is a section within the game that lets you check your stats, news-feed as well as play the challenges received. All challenges have a timer attached. A challenge needs to be completed within a certain amount of time, a 12 hour play session.


Fairbits is actually a very fun game. It’s simple to get into, yet it keeps you challenged as you progress through the levels. It teaches you lessons on how to build your fortune slowly and steadily with calculated risk taking & smarter moves. Gameplay is fast, which in our opinion is always a plus when playing mobile games. Graphics are basic, but fresh and clean.

At this moment Fairbits is available for Android & Windows. An iOS version will soon be released.

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