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French Roulette strategies foe iphoneRoulette may seem like one of the more basic casino games, but there is a small amount of strategy required in order to really succeed when you are gambling with the spinning wheel. French Roulette Strategy by MyLiveMe recognizes that players need a little guidance when it comes to building up their bankrolls. This paid strategy app is available for Apple device users on any iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone mobile device, with iOS 5 or later installed. While this app is not a traditional casino game, it is a companion to playing Roulette and to making sure that you give yourself the best chance to win.

Four strategies

There are four different Roulette strategies available to choose from, and you can learn each one over time. French Roulette Strategy uses statistical analysis to help teach you how to properly place your bets before every spin of the wheel. View those statistics after every round to see how many times a certain number or color appeared, and during how many rounds a number completely failed to appear. This can all assist you when making real money Roulette bets at a mobile or live casino, as strategy will lead to smarter bets and large payouts. The easy to use layout of the app, and smooth navigation make it a wise download.

English version

This English version of French Roulette Strategy does cost $0.99, but if you are a big time Roulette player or even if you are brand new to the game of chance, this strategic tool can be a helpful resource to give you premiere knowledge of Roulette. Roulette is fun and easy to play, but when you know more about the game, you give yourself a solid opportunity to come ahead of the casino when the ball stops spinning on the wheel. Look at French Roulette Strategy as an investment into your gambling future.

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