Horse Betting

iHorse Racing 2

Maybe you’ll remember the first iHorse Racing app, that was released in 2013 by developer Gamemiracle Co. Ltd? Well, now it’s time to sadle up again with their new release:… more

Horse Racing News

Are you an avid racing enthusiast looking for a way to stay on top of all things racing? Or would you be interested in the latest news and videos about… more

Horse Races Now

Watching a live horse race is an exhilarating experience that one is often subject to when they are on a race course. It may be possibly to watch on television,… more

Hooves Reloaded

Would you like to have a first-hand look at your prize racehorse giving a stellar performance? If you would, you need to download this app today, and stay up to… more

Animals Run

The Animals Run game is completely adorable little mobile game, which lets you wager on cute animals taking part in a race. The graphics are simply cuddle worth, set your… more