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Insta Poker is a nifty creation of Gamoz Inc, who’ve had some help on this project from a handful of professional poker players, which include for example Dan O’Brien and Jonathan Little.

Where a lot of other poker apps just provide simplified lists of hand selection and positioning tips, this app provides you with actual scenarios in which you are required to make a decision. The poker professionals then give you feedback on the choices you made during the game scenario. More tips from these pros are rewarded by spending ProCoins, which you are able to earn for getting through scenarios in a correct way.
Insta Poker Coach iPhone

The games is free to download, with in game purchases providing you with more Hands, the so called “Hand Packs,” so with the initial download you get one free hand pack. Unlocking more hands require additional payments.
Being a free poker app, Insta Poker is an excellent choice for a poker training app in the App Store. If you like the game, you can always decide to spend your money on more hands, making the game a true addition to your app collection.

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