MasterCard accepting casino apps

mastercard casino appMasterCard is one of the largest electronic payment networks in the entire world. Up there with Visa credit cards, the MasterCard is highly trusted and regarded as one of the most secure and convenient payment methods available. Almost all mobile casino accounts currently can be credited with MasterCard credit cards, and most of them, instantaneously. The number of mobile casinos allowing MasterCard has slowly began to shrink, however, as credit cards in general have been viewed as a risk to both the casinos and the banks when it comes to funding online gambling accounts. This is more of a knock on overall credit cards than on MasterCard itself, while debit cards and E-Wallets like Neteller are preferred by the providers and casino houses.

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For now, mobile casinos from within the United States and outside of the country willingly process MasterCard credit card deposits, allowing rapid transactions to major casinos, such as Jackpot City and LadyLucks. For the majority of mobile gamblers residing within the US, tight banking laws have forced most providers to be restricted in processing deposits and withdrawals within the states. MasterCard’s sterling reputation allows it to sidestep a number of these regulations, and fund player accounts around the gambling world. Again, that may soon change, as banks and casinos are starting to shy away from credit cards used to fund player accounts.

Some of the mobile casinos that currently accept MasterCard will even allow you to withdraw your winnings directly to your MasterCard credit card, as long as your initial deposit to the casino was made with the same card. The security of funding with a credit card is always a worry, but MasterCard has a solid history of providing secure transactions, even with casino apps.

If MasterCard credit cards are your preferred plastic, you can fund your mobile casino app accounts at the moment, but chances are that they may not be allowed in the near future. The casinos mentioned on the top of this site are fine for Android, almost every tablet, Huawei, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Nokia and more phones.