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Monopoly has long been one of the most recognizable games in everyone’s cupboard at home. We have also seen monopoly in casinos, lottery tickets and even at some of our most favorite fast food chains. In this version of monopoly however we are able to play a variation of the game which is all on your iOS or Android device.

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The Real Monopoly theme

EA has produced a few monopoly games for the console systems as well as the PC, however this is one of their first takes on bingo with a monopoly theme. The app is beautifully designed and is a cross between the old style monopoly game and a traditional game of bingo.
Players are able to play with others across a mobile network. The game works by putting players into themed rooms which are each themed based off of properties in the traditional Monopoly game. You can enter into a competition with players on every property to the railroads to Baltic Avenue and Boardwalk. Players start with access to just a few rooms and properties and by playing bingo they are able to unlock the rest of the properties and earn special bonuses along the way.

Review of the Monopoly Bingo app by EA

The exciting part about Monopoly Bingo is that there are thousands of players online who are all trying to compete for the same thing, leveling up and unlocking more properties by playing bingo.

What makes advancement tricky, is that players can only score a certain number of bingos before a round ends. Players will have access to up to 4 bingo cards at a time but a room may only be set to 100 bingos in a round, meaning that a player may go a few rounds only able to take one bingo or perhaps not even any bingos in a round depending on the numbers that are called.

Getting a Bingo helps players to rank up and earn extra experience which can help them to unlock powerups, properties, free spaces, extra coins and more.

Monopoly bingo android

The powerups are extremely useful for earning more bingos, more quickly, but they are entirely dictated by lightning bolt power. Lightning bolts restrict the use of powerups to just a few times a day, they do recharge but this will take time. This is why the app also has the ability to buy the lightning bolts for real money, which will allow players to use virtually unlimited powerups in a day.

Travel the world

Travel around the board, and visit iconic places with MONOPOLY! Bingo. You play a game of bingo, and each game earns you rewards and enables you to travel across the monopoly board to visit new and exciting places. When you play with your friends you get even more rewards, like extra coins and free daubs. You can connect this game to your Facebook account, so you’ll be able to find your friends within a couple of minutes. It’s more fun when you play with friends!

Bingo Tournaments

There are exciting tournaments to take part in, iconic places to enjoy (like New York for example), and there are a variety of free boosts that you can earn. There are community chests with special prizes you can unlock, you can earn rewards for playing with friends, and on top of all of that, you get to play with more cards than any other bingo game.
This mobile app is developed for Apple products only. It’s optimized for the Apple iPhone 5, but can run smoothly on an iPad or older version of iOS. MONOPOLY! Bingo is free to play, but if you want to spend money on it to get further ahead of your friends, you can by purchasing in-game items and boosts.

Overall Monopoly Bingo is a pretty good game, that goes at a very quick pace especially when you are marking off the cards yourself. The recharge time for tickets and lightning bolts to play could use a bit of work and at times it may be better to pay a bit extra to have more opportunities to play each day. Find more real money bingo apps here, check out the one and only Monopoly Plus slot game or download Monopoly Bingo in the App Store or Google Play:

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