Random Runner App

Random Runner App

Random Runner is a classic among classics. I remember playing this fruitmachine in pubs way back in the nineties. If you like retro stlye slotmachines, you’ll want to download this app. There are multiple versions available of the Random Runner, so let’s start with the best right? The Dutch mobile casino Oranje Casino (translated: Orange Casino, Orange is the colour of the Dutch Royal Family) has a very good mobile version of the Random Runner, that let’s you play for real money prizes. Go to the Slots.com Casino Mobile app to play this game. or tap the image below.


You can play this version on both iOS systems and Android devices, and again, there is no deposit necessary, it’s free. If you do want to play Random Runner on your mobile AND win real money prizes, you can choose to register at Oranje Casino. Oranje Casino is an old name, reliable and trustworthy, and registering is without any obligations. You do get up to $100/€100 when you do want to play for real cash and make a deposit to play with.

Again, it’s totally free, but can choose to play for real cash prizes. Bear in mind that the Appstore App (below) is for iOS users only (duh) but Oranje’s Free Version and Real Money version is for both users.

This app is simple and clear. The Random Runner app is the only machine you can play on, and it’s all you need. The slotmachine looks almost exactly like the real one, and like the online version that you can play at some online casino’s.

Alternative – iOS version by Reelsoft

There is a second version of this app. A good alternative for players that don’t care fpr playing for real winnings. You can download it in the Apple App Store for free. Playing this app is for fun credits only.

Game style

Symbols on the reels include lemons, grapes, pears, oranges and cherries, as well as Stars, bells and crowns. The app game plays exactly like the regular version, offering 3 reels with 5 winning play Lines. The maximum payout prize is 200 credits. What a shame you can’t play for real money. Only glitch is that the “payout” seems to be a bit more often than in real life, making the game a bit unrealistic and just a tad less exiting than the real slotmachine.


It has got however all the nostalgic features you might love in those old machines. Hitting Hold is available, and winning means you get to gamble. Do you want ”Win to credits” or “Win to Bank”?Choose one of the options when you win credits., making it possible to either get your creditpoints, or to go to the top machine game, where you can play for even better prize points.

Call me nostalgic, but i like this fruitmachine a lot. Maybe it has limited options compared to other fruitmachine games, but the look and feel of those old pub fruitmachines is priceless.

Right now, the Random Runner app is only available for iPhone and iPad in the App store, lets hope for all those android users out there that Reelsoft, the developer, will have a version for Google Play soon!

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