Roulette by Mecrave Media

Roulette by Mecrave Media is a very basic roulette app, which includes all the game bets such as line, street, top line, 0-1-2, 0-00, and all the rest. Basic and simple seem to be the selling points of this app: it’s a roulette game for your mobile device and you get just that. No more no less, which makes it ideal for players who like roulette, doesn’t it 😉


Visually the game is good, although not as good as some of the recent HD casino apps that are now available, but the game more than makes up for this by its easy and fast gameplay. Chips and dice animations are good however.

Roulette app review screen


You can choose to roll the dice by tilt control (shaking your iPhone) or by tapping the screen, whatever suits you best. Another welcome feature is being able to listen to your own favorite music on you iPod or iPhone whilst playing this roulette app game.


In short: it’s an app we like: fast gameplay, easy to get into and no over the top features. Ideal app for anyone who wants to get their hands on a game that let’s you play a quick game of roulette anywhere, anytime. Definitely worth the money.

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