Casino apps for Samsung phones and tablets

Samsung was one of the first producers of mobile phones, even attempting to mass market the car phone in 1986. They struggled for many years until their mobile popularity took off in the mid-90s. These days, Samsung is one of the most highly recognized and utilized mobile brands in the world. Their tablets and phones are used for entertainment a lot and these are the best online casino apps for Samsung:

Top 3 recommend apps for Samsung phones and tablets

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The casino’s above are suitable for almost every mobile Samsung device with internet access. If you have internet on it you’re almost safe to give it a go. If you have Android they are definitely OK. Just for thos of you who want to be certain we’ve selected some mobile phones and tablets which will give a great gambling experience for sure. If your mobile isn’t listed just give it a try, cause the list doesn’t cover every Samsung device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S (T805 – T800 – T700), Note Pro P900, Tab Pro (T900 – T525N – T520N – T320 – T325).

Samsung Galaxy (S, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.), Ace, Ace Plus, Beam, Core, Fame, Gio, Grand, Mini, Nexus and Y.

Most Samsung devices use the Android operating system, which means that mobile casino games are widely available at any number of casino houses. LadyLucks, Gaming Club, and Jackpot City are just a few of the mobile casino providers that open their doors to Samsung Android users. Samsung devices have great graphic displays and make for an optimal tool to play some cards or spin the reels on some mobile slots.

Samsung apps

The Samsung Galaxy is a hugely popular mobile phone at the moment, and with its gigantic screen, it practically feels like a tablet in your hands. Big screens don’t automatically equal great game play or sleek graphics, but the Galaxy provides those qualities and more when playing mobile casino apps. Casino providers have taken notice of the popularity and ease of navigation of the Samsung Galaxy. Major mobile casino software firms, like PlayTech and Microgaming, even test out a lot of their apps directly on Samsung Galaxy smart phones.

Overall, the fantastic screen quality and slick interfaces make Samsung mobile devices an optimal choice for enjoying some exciting casino apps. The Android operating system that Samsung devices run on ensures that any new updates or features that mobile casino providers create will include Samsung users. With the Galaxy leading the way, the options for Samsung users playing mobile casinos are out of this world!

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