Spider Solitaire

You can now get the Spider Solitaire game on your mobile handheld device and tae it along with you wherever you please! This classic card game has been the favorite of various card game lovers. This variant of the Solitaire game, puts the players in a bit more challenging situation!


The interface of the app is truly great, it allows you to enjoy some fantastic thrilling games for as long as you want to. We absolutely loved the graphics of the app, it offers a completely fluid and natural mobile gaming experience.

To make a move all you need to do is tap on the right card for it to get placed. You can also drag drop and release a card, to make a move.


The latest version of the app we played on is 4.2. The minimum requirement of the app is iOS 6.1 and above, it is playable on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. If you own a iPhone 5 device, you’ll also enjoy an optimized gaming experience!

The app supports multi-language support, you can enjoy gaming in English, French, German, Italian and a few others.

Spider Solitaire 4



The app is dedicated to only providing you with Spider Solitaire games. You can enjoy various levels of games, with increasing levels of intensity. With the app you can try challenges of:

  • Beginner level.
  • Intermediate level.
  • Expert level.

You can also use hints and undo your moves, if you need to do so.

Online and Social features

The app primarily providing you with a single player game, does not have any such advanced social features. Yet it does pack in a set of online functionalities, which we truly loved. With the app you can:

  • Connect with your friends on Facebook.
  • Online score recording. Your game stats are all stored online.
  • Online leader boards.
  • Achievements based incentives.

The Spider Solitaire app is a great choice if you are looking forward to a thrilling and challenging mobile gaming experience.

Spider Solitaire 5
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