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Blackjack 21 Pro
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The feel of the Blackjack table at the casino has a lot to do with how comfortable you are as a player. Knowing when to hit, stand, and split can change your entire casino experience. Blackjack 21 Pro by Avalinx is a free Blackjack app that will build your confidence and prepare for real world gambling.

Blackjack 21 Pro

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

This app is one of the best Blackjack games available in the App Store, and is ideal for play on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad device. With real life Blackjack gestures for hitting or standing, you will develop your Blackjack skills in a matter of minutes. This free app bills itself as one of the most perfect games to learn how to properly play Blackjack and the developers at Avalinx provide you with a lot of info to do so.

Easy to learn

Solid tutorials and helpful terminology breakdowns make this a great download for new Blackjack players that want to hone their skills on their mobile device. Players can even select the Ask the Dealer button, which will provide you with in-game advice for what your next move should be. The game tracks your Blackjack statistics which is a pretty cool feature after you’ve played a considerable amount of hands.

How does it look?

The graphics of Blackjack 21 Pro are solid, but not astonishing. The free app does allow for customizable card decks and table layouts, which are nice, but other than that, the visuals are pretty standard. The helpful components really do make Blackjack 21 Pro stand out, however. The “Mastering the Game” feature and “Basic Strategy” screen are incredibly resourceful tools for burgeoning Blackjack players. Before you step on a casino floor, Blackjack 21 Pro by Avalinx should be on your mobile device.

Blackjack 21 pro for iPhone

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