Blackjack by TaptapBoom

Blackjack is one of the most exhilarating casino games out there, but getting to the casino to play is not always the easiest thing to do. With the Blackjack mobile app from TapTap Boom Ltd., playing Blackjack is as simple as pulling out your iPhone! Crisp graphics and responsive game play make this app a real winner.

This super fun app is designed primarily for use on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad device, requiring the iOS 6.0 version or later. Blackjack by TapTapBoom Ltd. is the most popular Blackjack game in the App Store thanks to its stunning visuals and easy game play. Simply open the app, tap on the chips that you wish to bet, and your cards will be dealt. You can then choose to Hit, Stand, or Split your two cards. You can even play for free as you build up your skills before playing in real life for big money.

Blackjack app for iphone screenshot

Blackjack by TapTap Boom Ltd. has the entire feel of being at a real Blackjack table in a casino. You can double-down, split your cards, buy insurance if the dealer shows an Ace, and even change the card table themes. One of the best appeals of this gambling app is that the screen is not cluttered with annoying extra buttons. Its design is simple and sleek making it a great game to play on your favorite mobile device. On top of that, Blackjack by TapTap Boom Ltd. offers an awesome bonus that grants players 100 chips every hour! That way, even if your luck runs out, you’re still in the game.

There were a number of bugs in this Blackjack app that were causing it to suddenly shut down on users, but recent fixes have eliminated those complications. Overall, this is a very solid mobile app for players who want to learn the game of Blackjack, and the clean layout makes it one that you will not get tired of.

You can find this blackjack app for iphone and ipad in the App Store

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  1. Can one convert or exchange back to casino chips I accidentally converted all my chips and don’t know how to get them back


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