Ellen’s Road to Riches Slots

Ellen DeGeneres did indeed release a mobile game app called “Ellen’s Road to Riches Slots.” Because: Who isn’t fan of Ellen and her talk show? Undoubtedly the most popular TV host at the moment, Ellen DeGeneres now has got her own dedicated app ‘Ellen’s Road to Riches’! So what to expect from it?

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The game

Road to Riches lets you play at various Ellen-inspired slot machines all leading up to the ultimate of ultimate goal: to meet this lovely lady in person. Playing this game should get you in that exciting flow of energy that her shows always bring about.  With lots of dancing, her ever enthusiastic audience and ofcourse Ellen’s smiling happy face. This playful and fun app is not only great for Ellen fans, but also if you need a little cheer up and light entertainment to get through the day.



Oh there is so much exciting stuff going on! Play on the 15 unique Ellen-themed slots spread out over 4 different worlds. There are plenty of generous bonuses being handed out and lots of benefit for the loyal player. There are puzzles to solve, wheels to spin and all in all just lots of interactive features that make for easy entertainment and fun. Our personal favourite part: there are kittens! You have the opportunity to be granted great bonuses by simply logging into the game. If you want to enjoy even more special benefits, the so called Piggy Bank keeps on fuelling your account with more credits.

This game is a free-to-play mobile slot machine game that features Ellen DeGeneres and her humor as part of the gaming experience. Key details about the game:

  1. Gameplay: Ellen’s Road to Riches Slots is a casino-style slot machine game where players can spin the reels and win virtual coins. The game incorporates Ellen’s personality, catchphrases, and humor throughout the gameplay.
  2. Graphics and Design: The game features colorful and engaging graphics, with various slot machines inspired by different Ellen DeGeneres themes and shows. Players can unlock new slot machines as they progress in the game.
  3. Social Features: Players can connect with friends and other players through the game’s social features. You can send and receive gifts, compete on leaderboards, and share your progress on social media platforms.
  4. In-App Purchases: Like many free-to-play mobile games, Ellen’s Road to Riches Slots offers in-app purchases. Players can buy virtual currency (coins) to continue playing or to unlock special features within the game.
  5. Regular Updates: The game often receives updates with new slot machines, challenges, and events to keep players engaged.

Click, on your phone

This app with excellent graphics and surprise features can be downloaded both for iOs and Android. Last but not least, there is a generous welcome bonus of a staggering 5 million free credits. That’s a pretty sweet start of the game.


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