Old Vegas slots

Enjoy the renowned charm of Vegas with the incredible Old Vegas Slots app. If you want to get a real taste of the lavish Vegas lifestyle, this app takes you there for free. From progressive jackpots to tournaments and crazy payouts, it’s all possible.

What to play

Old Vegas slots offers a variety of different slots to play on, from Standard 7s to Massive Multiplier or Wild 5-line. To summarize, there is no need to head to Vegas, because you can access all the games from the comfort of your smartphone.  The only difference? You’re not playing for real money here. But don’t think that makes playing on Old Vegas slots any less exciting. The selection of three-reel slots is so huge that changing it up is easy and almost unlimited.


All the slots are 3 reels slot machines, which are games that are simple to understand. If you’re unsure how to play, simply click on the pay table to indicate which symbols you need to hit to win and you’ll go from there.


Other than several Bonus respin games, Old Vegas slots also added a jackpot to the daily bonus. This is one of the reasons that makes coming back to play on this app very appealing. You can build up extra credits upon returning and bonus credits are given out every hour. Download this app for free on your phone for endless entertainment.


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