Hideaway Pai Gow Poker

Who doesn’t love a good game of poker? Hideaway Pai Gow Poker is yet another variation from the classic poker as we know it, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. Place your bet, win that bonus and enjoy the unexpected Dragon Hand feature.

The name

Pai Gow poker is somewhat inspired on the Chinese domino game Pai Gow. Because of its slow pace, this is a relaxing game to play that doesn’t require too much thinking. Each player on the table competes with the same dealer, making this a pretty social game because the players often win and lose together.


How to play

Pai Gow poker is played as you know it with a 52-card deck and one joker.  You’re playing against the dealer only, which gives an easy overview and a relaxing game experience. How it works is as following: you simply drag chips to the circle (which is reserved for your bet) or to the Bonus circle. Then you tap to Deal to have cards coming in, after which you decide on your hands.

Exciting features

You can download this app both on your iPhone or Android device, so you can play as you go. The app is very well executed with excellent 3D animation and background music to match the app theme. What spices up this game are the Dragon hand and bonus bets, which can change the course of the game at an instant.

Win and improve

The app lets you collect the stats from previous games, which means it’s the ultimate way to track your poker progress and beat your own records. This is a single player game, but you can store multiple players on one device. This game is easy to play, offers little strategy and because you’re playing against the dealer only isn’t too complicated. This is a great game to change up other poker games and to simply be entertained without too much pressure.


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